How do I find information on Canadians and their savings?

Go to Statistics Canada and view the tables on Income, pensions, savings and wealth. See also Table: 36-10-0112-01 for household savings rates. There is also an Economic Analysis Research paper entitled National Saving in Canada and the United States, 1926 to 2011.

For a comparison of countries use OECD.stat. Look under National Accounts for Household information. The numbers are also summarized in the OECD Factbook. OECD also offer an interactive graphing tool that compares countries as far back as 1970.

For the US see the US Bureau of Economic Analysis. Look for the National Income and Product Accounts [NIPA] Tables or search for the phrase "personal savings".  The data from these tables is also available from the Federal Reserve Board going back to 1960.

See Mintel Academic - search for household savings.

See Passport - search for household savings.

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