Where do I find information on online retail?

Use Plunkett's eCommerce and Internet Business Almanac

Below is a list of databases for general information on the industry:

  • e-Marketer: refer to Retail & eCommerce
  • Marketline Advantage: search for Online Retail to get reports by country.
  • Statista: under Industries, search for eCommerce -> B2C eCommerce or Online Shopping Behaviour; or keyword search using "e-Commerce" & "shopping behaviour" "online shopping"
  • RKMA Market Research: refer to Retail Business Market Report -> eCommerce
  • Forrester: Under B2C eCommerce
  • Try the Canadian Marketing Association's Marketing Facts.

Information on Basket/Ticket/Shopping Cart size:

Search Statista with eCommerce  and basket OR ticket as keywords

Information on impressions (ie website traffic):


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