How do I find statistics on the number of businesses by country, size, and industry?

Use OECD.Stat.  Under Industry and Services theme go into Structural and Demographic Business Statistics (SDBS).

See the OECD Scorecard. Also available through the library catalogue.

Look in the World Bank. Categories include; New businesses registered (IC.BUS.NREG), Business entry rate (IC.BUS.NREG.ZS) and Total businesses registered (IC.BUS.TOTL). World Development Indicators can also be accessed online by searching the World Bank URL plus data code (for example,

Try Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs by the OECD.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group offer MSME Country indicators. Data is in an Excel format.

UNdata - Look for INSTAT data.

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