Which industries does the Conference Board of Canada's cover?

To find the industry reports available from the Conference Board of Canada:

  1. Select Browse by Topic on the left side navigation.
  2. Select Industry Sector Economics beneath Economic Trends.

We have compiled a starter list of reports available from the Conference Board here:

Aerospace Product Manufacturing
Aerospace Products
Air Transportation
Clothing and Department Stores
Computer and Electronic Products
Computer Services
Computer Systems Design
Electrical Equipment
Fabricated Metal Products
Food and Beverage
Food Manufacturing
Food Services
Forestry Sector
Furniture and Appliance Stores
Furniture Products Manufacturing
Gas Extraction
Grocery Stores
Home Improvement Stores
Machinery Manufacturing
Mining, Oil, and Gas Support Activities
Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
Non-Metallic Mineral Products
Non-Residential Construction
Oil & Natural Gas Extraction Industries
Oil Extraction
Paper Products Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Products
Plastic and Rubber Products
Printing Services
Professional Services
Residential Construction
Textiles and Apparel
Transportation and Warehousing
Wholesale Trade
Wood Products Manufacturing

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