How do I find a company's record of stock splits and dividends?

Go to Value Line Investment Survey. Choose Browse Research tab. Search for a company.

Go to Bloomberg and use the Corporate Actions calendar function, code CACS.

Go to Bloomberg (available in the Business Library) type the ticker symbol, hit the EQUITY key, type DVD and hit GO.

Use Capital IQ (in Library) Click on the Companies tab - search for your company. Once retrieved scroll down left side and choose Key Developments. Click on Customize View and search for Split or Dividends if that is what you are interested in.

For companies in emerging markets use EMIS Intelligence (Click on Client Login)

Go to WRDS (open to faculty, grad students and staff) and click on CRSP, then Stocks, Use the Cumulative factor to Adjust Share Prices.

Use the Datastream in the Business Library. Search a company, and select Dividend Payment Report or Capital Issues and Changes report for stock splits.

Use the Mergent Online database. Search for a company and click on Capital Stock in the menu bar.

For Canadian companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange use the CFMRC database. Look under Price Adjustments for a company.

Yahoo Finance has historical dividend information. Use the search box to find a company, then look in the left margin for "Historical Prices"

For a brief overview on how splits affect financial reporting statements see Zack's.


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