How do I find total stock market capitalization (value)?

Go to Bloomberg (available in the Business Library).

For current market capitalization for a company:
Type ticker symbol, hit EQUITY key, type DES, hit GO.
Type WEI or EMEQ to see directories of indices. Select an index and type DES. See the Market Cap field on the first screen of the description.

For historical market capitalization:
type ticker symbol, type FA, hit GO; select '2', hit GO.

For market capitalization by countries use WCAP or WMC. Select your country to see the needed code. For example Canada is WCAUCAN <INDEX> and the US is WCAUUS <INDEX>. Data goes back to 2003.

In Capital IQ - available in the Business Library - go to Market Analysis and look in margin for Geography.

Use the Datastream in the Business Library. Search the Equity Indices area to find an index and select the MV (Market Value) datatype.

Go to TSX and search market capitalization.

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