How do I find a list of a company's competitors?

For smaller and private companies including Canadian companies use Mergent Intellect. Use "Advanced Search" to limit by geography and industry code. You can then sort the columns by employee or estimated sales.

Use Nexis Uni. Click on  the Menu button and choose Company Dossier.

Choose Create a Company List. - Enter the appropriate SIC or NAICS industry code.
You may also want to limit to a specific geographic area. You can also screen by sales or number of employees. To search by broad industry groupings use an exclamation point to wildcard ex. 10!

For large companies use Marketline Advantage for a list of key competitors.

Go to Factiva, click on Companies/Markets, Company and type in your company name to get a peer group by sales.

Use the Mergent Online database. Search and display a company and select the Competitors tab in the menu bar.

For private company information (primarily US but some Canadian) see PrivCo

For Private and Public company information use Capital IQ available in the Business Library

Go to Bloomberg (available in the Business Library) and to lookup a company, type RV and GO.

For companies in emerging markets use EMIS Intelligence (Click on Client Login to enter the database)

Use Morningstar Direct - available in the Business Library and lookup Company Peers.

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