How do I find firms in the securities industry?

The NAICS code for Securities Brokerage is 52312.  This code can be used in Mergent Intellect to determine the number of firms in a particular geographic region. Finding NAICS Codes

The SIC code for Securities Brokerage is 6211 and can be used in Nexis Uni Company Dossier (Click on the menu on the top left and go to Company Dossier) determine the number of firms in a particular geographic region. Finding SIC Codes

Use Factiva. Click on Companies/Markets in top bar. Then choose Industries - Investing/Securities- Peer comparison

Use Mergent Online. Use the BASIC search. Choose SIC  and input the related code (SIC 6211)  Limit by Index, Exchange or Country.

Use Capital IQ - available in the Business Library - Click on Screening at top of screen- Choose Companies -- Under the header Company Details choose Industry Classifications -- Search Industries for the term Securities - Expand the Securities and Commodities Markets Services and then choose Security Brokers and Dealers. Be sure to click on ADD CRITERIA. You will be returned to the criteria choices screen. Choose Geographic Location.  Make your selection and ADD CRITERIA.  Continue in this fashion until all choices of criteria have been added. Search results appear above the criteria selection screen. There are tabs - View Criteria  |  Customize Display Columns  |  Quick Screener  | Saved Screens  |  Idea Generator |   that can be chosen to refine the results display.

Use the Bloomberg terminal in the Business Library. In the Equity area do a Custom Search (QSRC) and set the Industry Groups to Investment Companies.

For historical Canadian information, see the publication Financial Services Canada in the Business Library. See the Investment Management section.

Also for historical US Information use the Securities Industry Yearbook in the Business library.

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