How do I find earnings per share (EPS) data and EPS growth?

In Mergent Online find your company and look under Company Details for the tab Earnings Estimates. Detailed EPS data can be retrieved using the Report Builder.

Go to Bloomberg (available in the Business Library). For earnings per share (EPS), type the ticker symbol and press the yellow Equity key, type ERN and press GO. For EPS Growth, type EPS growth and press the green Help key.

In Capital IQ find your company and look in the left margin for CIQ Estimates.

Go to WRDS (Open only to faculty, grad students and staff) and click on COMPUSTAT.

In Factiva go into the Companies/Markets tab and find your company. Look under Financial Results/Income Statement.

For Canadian companies on the TSX use the CFMRC database.

For Canadian companies see the bi-weekly print publication Investor's Digest of Canada. A latest EPS is provided for 1,000 companies.

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