How do I find info on worldwide wages and fringe benefits?

Search EIU. Click on Data then Data Tool. In Step One Choose the All Viewswire option.  Choose a Category search. Limit to Labor market and income, Wages and select your dates.

Try International Labour Organization and choose Statistics and Databases.

See the publication Prices and Earnings, published by UBS, on the Internet and at HD6977.P75.

For Canada, see the Pay Scale Website and the Working in Canada government website.

For discussion and examples of benefits policies in Ontario, see the publication Human Resources PolicyPro available by request from Storage.

For discussion of employee benefit plans in Canada, see the publication Human Resources Management in Canada in the Business Library.

For discussion of benefits programs in Canada, see the Labour Standards section of the publication Canadian Business Management Manual available by request from Storage.

If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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