How do I find changes in management?

Pitchbook: Use the search box to find a company. In the company profile select the News tab at the top of the screen. Then select Events. Finally, click the Types filter and choose Management Changes. 


  • Click Companies/Markets in the top navigation menu. Search for a company. In the Company Snapshot, select Key Developments from the menu on the left. Use the drop-down to select Corporate/Management Changes. 
  • OR Search for articles on management changes about a company. Click Search in the top navigation menu. Use the syntax ns=c411 AND [company name] (e.g. ns=c411 AND apple). ns=c411 is the subject code for Management Moves. 

Nexis Uni: To find a timeline of executives and directors click Menu at the top of the screen and choose Company Dossier. Search for a company. In the company profile, choose Company Information > Company History. Then select the Executives or Directors button.

Capital IQ (available in the Business Library): Search for a company. In the company profile, click Key Developments under the "News, Events & Filings" heading in the menu to the left. Select the Customize View drop-down. Remove all items except Corporate Structure Related events from the search criteria. Set a date range and hit Go.

Bloomberg (available in the Business Library):

  • Use the command line to enter a ticker symbol, then hit the Equity key, type MGMT and hit GO (e.g. AAPL US <Equity> MGMT <GO>). Then click the Changes tab. 
  • To search for news on management changes use the command line and enter NI MGMTCHG (management changes), NI CEOCHG (CEO changes), or NI CFOCHG (CFO Changes).  

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