How do I find current betas for companies and/or industries?

Search Bloomberg, available in the Business Library. Find your company and use the code BETA. For industry BETAs find your company, use the code RV and edit the columns to include BETA, look for the average. Alternatively use SECF to find a stock exchange industry sub-index.

In Capital IQ find your company then click on Quick Comps, then Operating Statistics.

Search  Datastream (in the Business Library)

Use the Factiva database. Click on the Companies/Markets tab and then on Company once again. Do a search and choose the company in which you are interested. Then choose the Ratio Comparison Report for a beta for the company and the industry.

Use Mergent Online

You can find the BETA figure by searching for a company and then you will see the following subtab for “Highlights”
You will find the BETA figure at the bottom left of this section.

Another approach is to use the Bloomberg EQS screening tool. Pick your industry and exchange. Search for BETA and change the condition to HAS. Change the time parameter to Custom to then 2 year weekly. Update.

For current industry betas try Betas by Sector created by Aswath Damodaran at NYU.


For a guide to how beta is calculated by each of the above databases, view our Beta by database guide.

If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


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