How do I find information on futures, options, and commodities?

See the CRB Commodity Yearbook or the weekly print publication CRB Futures Market Service in the Periodicals Collection of the Business Library.

In Business Monitor Online International search for the term Commodities Forecast.

Oxford Economics produces a Commodity Price Forecast report.

In Datastream (available in the Business Library), select Futures, Options OR Commodities from the drop-down menu labeled Category.

For a good list of Datastream commodity benchmarks go into the Data Navigator, click on the Explore tab, select Commodities and then Benchmarks. You can also search for the term "benchmark" and then use the filters to narrow your results.

Search Bloomberg (available in the Business Library) Use CTM for the the Contract Table Menu. See also GLCO for the Global Commodities Prices menu. See also CPFC for price forecasting.

Use Capital IQ (available in the Business Library) Commodities are under the Markets tab. For options use the Company Screening function.

In the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), go to the World Commodity Forecasts.

Use UNCTADstat for historical commodity prices.

Use Passport. Search for the Monthly Economic Review of Commodity Prices. When viewing the review look in the right margin for statistics. Spot price data is available. Price forecasts are also available using the Commodity Price Model tool. Look for this under Economies/Natural Resources.

See the World Bank's Prospects section.

Go to the USDA World Agricultural Outlook Board site.

Go to the USGS Minerals Information site.

Browse analyst reports in Mergent Investext.

For historical information (history, photos, advertising, documents) search the Global commodities : trade, exploration & cultural exchange database

Canadian banks also publish commodity forecast reports.

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