How do I screen for companies by percentage of insider or institutional ownership?

See the SEC Fast Answer - Shareholder's Lists, When Can You Get Them.

Go to Bloomberg available in the Business Library. Type company ticker or fixed income security CUSIP and PHDC and hit Go. To search for insider and institutional holdings. For example: GOOG Equity PHDC

The PHDC1 provides a list of the largest shareholders and PHDC2 provides an alpha list of shareholders. The HDS provides shareholders by size .

Go to Mergent Online and search for your company. Once you have obtained the page displaying your company information click on the Ownership tab and scroll down to the Institutional Holdings section.

Go to Factiva. Click on Company/Markets in the Top set of tabs. Click on Company again. Search for the company. Click on the Ownership link in the left column.

Use Capital IQ (available in the Business Library). Find the company. Scroll down until you see the INVESTORS header.  Choose Public or Private ownership.

For companies in emerging markets ue EMIS Intelligence (Click on Client Login)

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