How do I find analyst reports (investment bank reports)?

1. Mergent Investext - BEST SOURCE - there is a limit of 15 reports per download.

2. Nexis Uni -- Under Guided Search choose Company Info and then in the "show me" box pick Analyst Reports.

3. Bloomberg -- In Library Use Only.
  • Find your company
  • Use the code BRC. For industry analysis use the code RSE
  • The reports are available in .pdf format if you click on the icon in the right margin
  • Use the code ANR for analyst recommendations.

4. Business Monitor International

  • Search for Company or Industry and choose Analysis
  • You can also choose Geography.

5. EMIS Intelligence

  • At the main database page click on the CLIENT LOGIN button on the top right side of the page
  • Find your company and click on REPORTS filter on the left side OR scroll down and find the ANALYSIS/RESEARCH section, then select the Company tab.
  • Reports for emerging markets companies are available here

6. Morningstar Direct In Library Use Only

  • Morningstar Direct reports are available, look in the margin for Equity/Credit Research

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