How do I find earnings estimates for companies?

Go to Bloomberg (available in the Business Library), type the ticker symbol, hit the EQUITY key, type EE, and hit GO. For a calendar of expected earnings announcements, type ACDR and hit GO.

Use Datastream in the Business Library. I/B/E/S estimates for PE and EPS are provided for the current year and one-year forward on the Overview of Company Performance report.

In Capital IQ find your company and look in the left margin for Estimates.

Go to WRDS (Open faculty, graduate students and staff) and select I/B/E/S

Recent analyst reports in Mergent Investext may provide estimates.

For Canadian companies, see the bi-weekly print publication Investor's Digest of Canada. Consensus estimates are provided for the current and next year for 1,000 companies.

If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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