How do I find the product segmentation of a company's business?

Use Mergent Online. Search for and access the company of interest.Then choose the Horizon tab. Click on Products & Services OR Industries and Sectors

In Capital IQ - available in the Business Library - search for your company -- scroll down and choose Direct Investment or Investment Analysis and click on the pie chart to obtain details.
When viewing a company profile, from the Financials/Valuation menu select Segments.


Go to WRDS (personal registration required. Open only to faculty, PhDs, Master's students and staff) and choose COMPUSTAT North America, then click on Segments

Use Bloomberg, available in the Business Library.

a. Type the company's ticker symbol; hit the EQUITY key, type Des - then choose the Revenue and EPS tab
You will get the geographic segmentation for the company.

b. ticker [EQUITY] FA GEO
E.g.,: type LVMH BB hit the [EQUITY] key then type FA PROD and hit the GO key.

Search Canadean - search company name and SWOT  or Company name and product or company name and brands etc. Choose reports that have Company Profile, SWOT & Financial Report as part of the title

Search Statista. Search company name

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