How do I find macroeconomic data (e.g., CPI, GDP, economic indicators)?

EIU Country Data - Search Data Tool
World Bank -WDI Online

EMIS Intelligence. Select Client Login, then under the Country Analysis tab, choose Country Data. A new screen will appear. Choose the Country and data selections on the left side menu

Business Monitor International. Choose Data Tool, and build report using filters on left side menu.
OECD iLibrary
UCF Library Guide to Stat USA Resources - General Economic Indicators

Use Bloomberg (available in the Business Library) and type ECST and GO.

For historical data use UNCTADstat.

View the periodicals Provincial Outlook. See also the quarterly forecasts, Canadian Outlook, in the Conference Board of Canada eLibrary.

Use Datastream in the Business Library. Search by country in the Economics area. Data are available for many variables for many countries for many years.

See CIBC World Markets free research site

Try Historical Statistics of Canada.

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