How do I find info on compensation?

For Executive Compensation:
Go to WRDS (available to Faculty, staff, PhD and Master's students only)

  • Choose: Compustat North America
  • Under Compustat Quarterly updates choose Execucomp where various categories (i.e.Annual compensation, Company Financial and Director Compensation for 2005 and prior) appear.
  • See also Boardex for data on public company boards, directors, executives and senior managers, from companies around the world.

Globe & Mail Report Executive Compensation

See The Centre on Executive Compensation

Books and eBooks on the SUBJECT of Executive Compensation

Search for articles on "executive compensation" in ProQuest Business and Economics, Business Source Complete and Factiva

Try Bloomberg. Type in PEOP . You can run a list of executives based on age, salary, country, etc.

Use the Nexis Uni database. In the very top of screen click on Source Directory: Find. Search for the Source "U.S. Executive Compensation Database.".  Select the sources and then click the red OK button on right of screen. Proceed with adding other search terms, names etc.

For US salaries, try Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

For Ontario salaries try Ontario Job Futures

Go to SEDAR- Search Company Management Information Circulars

Go to: Wall Street Journal - Careers

Use the Equilar site.

Use the Executive Paywatch resource

For Salary information:

Working in Canada - Search by occupation
Computer Industry Salary Survey - DataMasters Salary Survey
National Compensation Survey - US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Ivey Connection

Murray Bryant - research director for the Blue Ribbon Commission on the Governance of Executive Compensation.

ICD Blue Ribbon Commission Report

Stephen Sapp - Sweet Deal in Canadian Investment Review v.21 Iss 3 pg. 18-23

The article discusses the ways by which Canadian regulators can curb the excessive chief executive officer pay packages. It was observed that the executive compensation is seen as a problem in Canada, but not at the same level as in the U.S. A report by the Institute of Corporate Directors Blue Ribbon Commission discusses how good governance can come from independent and diligent directors on the human resources committee following a strong process to design executive compensation packages.

Stephen Sapp - The Impact of Corporate Governance on Executive Compensation. European Financial Management;  Sep2008, Vol. 14 Issue 4, p710-746

This paper examines the relationship between the compensation of the top five executives at a set of over 400 publicly listed Canadian firms and various internal and external corporate governance-related factors. The media is full of stories suggesting a relationship between large executive compensation packages and failures in governance at various levels within organisations, but there exists little formal analysis of many of these relationships. Our analysis provides empirical evidence supporting some of these assertions, refuting others and documenting new relationships. We find that variances in internal governance related to differences across firms in the characteristics of the CEO, compensation committee and board of directors do influence both the level and composition of executive compensation, especially for the CEO. Considering external measures of corporate governance, we find that different types of shareholders and competitive environments impact executive compensation. We do not find that either the internal or external governance characteristics dominate

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