How do I find information on consumer spending in Canada and the provinces?

Use Mintel Market Sizes for all countries. Many products are listed with data on market size, market segmentation, market shares and growth rates.

Use Passport for all countries. Euromonitor data, articles, reports and company profiles on many products. See also the section on consumer trends and lifestyles.

Go to the Office of Consumer Affairs for Canadian consumer reports on different themes.

Go to Market Research Handbook. Coverage from 1975 to 2008 in paper or electronic formats.

Use the Survey of Household Spending from the Statistics Canada.

Go to Spending Patterns in Canada. 1998-2000. Coverage from 1982-1997 in Family Expenditures in Canada.

Go to The Canadian Economic Observer - See table #2 in Statistical table section. Coverage from 1988 to 2012.

For Canadian attitudes towards shopping and spending use Vividata.

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