How do I find information on IPOs?

For Canadian public companies SEDAR provides all filings going back to 1997.

For American public companies SEC Edgar provides all filings going back to 1995.

Try the database SDC Platinum, (available in the Business Library only) and search VentureXpert for IPO's.

Use Bloomberg (available in the Business Library only). To see a company's IPO date or latest public offering: type ticker, press EQUITY, then enter DES, then press GO. Also for further info, enter IPO and press green HELP key.

For Canadian companies see the monthly publication Toronto Stock Exchange Review. See the Newly Listed Companies section for reports about companies, and the New Equity Financing section for statistical information.

See Jay Ritter's IPO Data page.

Perform a Library Catalogue SUBJECT search, using Going Public.

Try the following websites:
Hoover's IPO Central
Renaissance Capital
IPO Monitor
IPO Vital Signs
Yahoo! Finance Recent IPO Reports

If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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