How do I find industry averages for supermarkets?

Go to Factiva. Click on Company at top of search bar. Click on Company again. As an example, type Loblaw. Choose Loblaw Companies Ltd. and click on Reports, then on Ratio Comparison report. View ratios in these categories Company, Industry, Sector, S&P 500.

Use IBIS World US, Global Canada - Search the terms supermarket or grocery. In the Key Statistics area there are industry ratios.

Use Passport - search supermarkets then filter by geography. Also search for the report Grocery Retailers in Canada (and other countries).

Go to Bloomberg (available in the Business Library) Type L CN RV . This will bring a Relative Value report for companies in the same industry grouping as Loblaws (Canadian). For equivalent American statistics use SWY US RV (This is the Safeway Inc. symbol)

For an industry report that is updated quarterly go to First Research - Conduct and Advanced search and include supermarkets in Abstract field

Use Financial Performance Data from Industry Canada. Create a Report.

Use Mintel Market Sizes - Search Grocery Retailing - predominantly US info

See the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers

Search the  Canadian Grocer magazine

Search Supermarket News

Search Grocery Market Bulletin

Search Progressive Grocer

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