How do I find a list of the products produced by a company?

Use Mergent Online. Search for and access your company.  Choose Horizon tab then Products (add to window on right)

Use the Bloomberg terminal in the Business Library. Search a company and enter the command RELS and select Brands in the list of options.

In the Find a Company section of Nexis Uni, search for and access your company. Click on Brands in the left column.

Search the Brand Week publication. Use Nexis Uni. Search for a company.

Search Passport - Companies

Search CanaDean - search company name and SWOT  or Company name and product or company name and brands etc. Choose reports that have Company Profile, SWOT & Financial Report as part of the title

Search Statista. Search company name

For companies in emerging markets ue EMIS Intelligence (Click on Client Login)

If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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