How do I find out when a Canadian company ceased operating?

Use the FP survey, predecessor & defunct.

Use Capital IQ - available in the Business Library - Search for and access the company of interest. Click on Corporate Timeline in left column. Choose from the Selected Items and transfer to Available Items. Choose All Events in the Time Frame dropdown menu. Click GO

For public companies, you may be able to use the Bloomberg terminal (If the company is available use the CACS command)  or the Datastream terminal in the Business Library to find the last day a company's stock was traded.

Use Mergent Online.  Search for and access company (if available). Click on Report Builder tab. Click on Pricing Information - Closing Price and add to right box. Click on other information as desired. Choose a display format and Create Company Report

Use the Search for a Federal Corporation tool at the Industry Canada website. Select the appropriate Corporation Status from the dropdown menu prior to searching.  Provincial registrars

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