How do I find court cases in which a company is currently involved?

There is no register of current court cases, but cases may be reported in the press.

For press reports:

  • Use ProQuest Business and Economics. In the advanced search screen. Enter a company name in the Company/organization field and do a subject heading search for litigation or subject settlements & damages. 
  • LegalTrac. Use the advanced search. Use a field drop-down to select Company Name then enter a company and search. 
  • Nexis Uni. Click Advanced Search under the main search box. Select the Legal tab. Then select Legal News in the menu to the left. Select the "All Fields" drop-down and choose Company Name. Enter a company name and search. 

For recent legal cases involving a specific company use:

  • Nexis Uni. Click on Menu at the top of the website, followed by Company Dossier. Then search for a company. In the company dossier, select Legal. Choose from recent cases in Canada, USA, UK, and Ireland. 
  • CanLii (For provincial court cases): Search for a company in one of the relevant fields. 
  • Corporate Prosecution Registry from the University of Virginia School of Law: Click Data & Documents and choose Browse. Search for a company. 

For more information see the Business Law Research guide. 

If you require further assistance, please contact the Business Library.

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