How do I find monthly exchange rates?

Go to Factiva. Choose Companies/Markets, then Quotes, then Select Instrument: Currencies.

Go to DataStream  (available in the Business Library), and search under Exchange Rates.

Go to the US Federal Reserve Board Data Download Program.

Go to Bank of Canada Statistics.

Go to

For forward rates, try: FX Street

Use the Bloomberg Currency Converter.

In Capital IQ  search for your currency, i.e. Canadian dollar or Euro. Change parameters and use the Excel button to download data.

On Bloomberg use the code FXC for the currency rates matrix. Look for the tab labeled current SPOT. To get to historical values click on any cell on select HP.

On Bloomberg, type FXTF. Click on the needed currency.

Another useful code in Bloomberg is FXIP for the FX Information Portal.

For forward rates use the Bloomberg security finder, SECF. Click on the tab labelled FX and click on the tab Fwds.

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