How do I find statistics about alcoholic beverage sales in Canada?

Statista: Search relevant keywords such as alcohol, beer, wine, cider, etc. sales. Use the Countries & Territories filter to limit results to Canada. 

Beer Canada Statistics: Includes both national and provincial statistics. See the Monthly Statistics section for monthly domestic, imported, and exported beer sales. 

Statistics Canada Data: Search the phrase "alcoholic beverage sales" to find data tables that provide insight into alcoholic beverage sales in Canada. 

Canadian Industry Statistics: Search for an industry by keyword or NAICS code. In the industry summary see the Financial Performance section. 

For Ontario, see the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) annual report page.

IBIS World: Search for an alcoholic beverages industry by keywords of NAICS code 

Mintel Market Sizes: For market share, segmentation, and statistics. Select Canada as the location, Alcoholic drinks as the industry, and select one or more market. 

MarketLine Advantage: Industry profiles contain statistics on market value, market volume, and more. Search keywords like beer, cider, wine, spirits, etc. Use the Geography filter to limit results to Canada. 

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