How do I find GDP by industry?

Statistics Canada GDP Product at Basic Prices, by Industry. A more detailed industry breakdown can be retrieved using at table 36-10-0434-01.

Historical numbers for Canada are in the Canadian Statistical Review or Gross Domestic Product by Industry or the Bank of Canada Review. Try also the Canadian Economic Observer Historical Statistical Supplement

Historical numbers for the provinces are in Survey of Production in Canada. This publication was also known as Provincial Gross Domestic Product by Industry. See also PROVINCIAL GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT BY INDUSTRY - SYSTEM OF NATIONAL ACCOUNTS

Go to GDP-by-industry - US Bureau of Economic Analysis

Passport (Euromonitor) - Look in the Economies category for Economy, Finance and Trade. Data includes Manufacturing and Services as a % of GDP. Also Government versus Private Consumption Expenditure.

See World Development Indicators published by The World Bank. Search Data Catalog Indicators for GDP. Click on "View in WDI Tables". Economies are categorized by Agriculture, Industry, Manufacturing and Services, for all countries.

See the Reference book International Marketing Data and Statistics published by Euromonitor. Look for the chapter on Economics.

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