How do I screen for bonds according to the criteria of my choice?

Go to Bloomberg (available in the Business Library) and type in SRCH (Fixed Income Search) .
1. Next select "Ask a Question"
2. Type in: AAA (or your preference) corporate bonds and Canada (or your preference).
3. In the bottom right you will see in blue the number of securities found. Select 1) Results

Use Capital IQ and follow these steps to screen for specific bond classes such as AAA:
1) Select Fixed Income from the Screening tab menu.
2) Click Type under Fixed Income Securities.
3) Select all of the following from the Available Item list:
Corporate Bank Note
Corporate Convertible
Corporate Debentures
Corporate Inflation Indexed
Corporate Insured Debenture
Corporate MTN
Corporate MTN Zero
Corporate Pass Thru Trt
Corporate PIK Bond
Corporate Strip
Corporate Zero
4) Click the Add arrow.
5) Click Add Criteria.
6)Select Issue Credit Rating under Credit Ratings
7) Select the desired criterion from the Rating Type pick list.
8) Select Local Currency LT from the Rating Characteristic pick list.
9) Select Equals BBB from the Rating drop-down menus (or any rating that you are looking at)
10) Click Add Criteria.

Use Datastream in the Business Library. Search the Bonds and Convertibles area.

Use the Yahoo!Finance Bond Screener

If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


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