How do I find a SWOT Analysis?

1. MarketLine Advantage

  • Search for a company and view the profile
  • The analysis is available for large, prominent companies.

2. Business Source Complete (EBSCO)

  • Search the term SWOT and company name.

3. Nexis Uni

Find the GlobalData reports for your company. Search "company name and globaldata"

4. Mergent Investext 

  • Select Keyword in the drop down menu and add 'SWOT' to your criteria.
  • Select Company Name and add the name of the firm you want to your criteria.
  • Run the search.

5. Canadean

  • Search company name and SWOT or Company name and product or company name and brands etc.
  • Choose reports that have Company Profile, SWOT & Financial Report as part of the title

6. Business Monitor International 

  • Search 'company name' SWOT

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