How do I find info on tourism and travel?

Search any of the following:

Frost & Sullivan - Good coverage on medical tourism.

Vividata - Browse the Travel section but also look under Personal Views section

Gale Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection

IBISWorld - Find reports on Tourism but also covers Travel Insurance, Travel Agencies, Car Rentals, Tour Operators Hotels and more.

Leisure Tourism - Coverage from over 150,000 abstracts, 5000 full text documents, news and review articles, and over 2000 book chapters.

Mintel Reports - Search Category/Travel. Reports are produced for most countries.

Passport - Click on Search - Categories and Topics - Start - click on Travel then on the > arrow - Make selections as desired.

Statista - Fast facts on anything tourism.

See also:

Canadian Tourism Commission

International Travel Statistics: The Bureau of Transportation Statistics conducts research and analysis in several areas pertaining to international transportation, trade and travel.

Statistics Canada - Travel and Tourism

U.S. Travel Association

World Travel and Tourism Council

World Tourism Organization

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