How do I find information on corporate sustainability?


For Canadian companies search Sustainalytics for environmental, social and governance research and analysis.

Use Datastream - In library

US company data is available in KLD Historical Statistics. The datafiles are accessed via our Equinox data delivery system.

Also try Green Biz reports for US firms and GreenFile for articles.

See the Government of Canada site on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Public Websites

Books in the Western Libraries

For an up-to-date list of books and e-books at Western Libraries, conduct a subject search (in the advanced search option) in Omni for:

  • Social responsibility of business
  • Sustainable development
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Environmental ethics
  • Industries -- Environmental aspects
  • Economic development -- Environmental aspects

Conduct a simple search in Omni for search for: Corporate Sustainability.

Conduct a simple search in Omni for search for: Social Responsibility.

Journals in Western Libraries

Sustainability Reports

Stratos, a Canadian company specializing in corporate sustainability, produced a list of Canadian companies that offered some form of sustainability report. The Stratos report is available online: Building Confidence: Corporate Sustainability Reporting in Canada.

If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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