How do I find information on the health care, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical industry?

1. Passport has industry information about the OTC Healthcare Industry

2. Mintel Reports has industry reports under the category of Health & Wellbeing.

3. Mergent Online has a selection of industry reports on Biotechnology, Healthcare, Medical Equipment, and Pharmaceutical.

  • Enter Mergent Online
  • Select the Industry Reports tab to see a list of reports for these medical related industries.

4. MarketLine Advantage provides reports on the Healthcare Industry.

5. Frost & Sullivan has in-depth market research and strategy reports with European and Global coverage.

  • Click on "Research Communities"
  • Select "Healthcare", and look at right side menu for sub-communities/sub-industries.

6. Forrester provides industry reports.

7. Look for the TechNavio market research reports available via Factiva. In the search box input the following: rst=technv AND your industry

8. BCC Research offers market research reports.

9. US Industry and Market Reports offers market reports.

10. For Canadian healthcare information see the Health Canada webpage or Canadian Institute for Health Information website.

11. For statistical information see: Dalhousie Pharmacy Stats Page

12. Canadian Industry Statistics site

13. Industry Canada Life Sciences Gateway

14. Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Pharmacists Webpage

15. CIHI Other providers information page

16. For a overview on US hospitals and healthcare go to the RKMA publication - Healthcare Business Market Research Handbook.

17. For an overview the Canadian Healthcare system read the Parliamentary Report on the Health of Canadians.

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