How do I find a country's R&D expenditure?

Statistics Canada - Gross domestic expenditures on research and development in Canada and the Provinces - Began in 2008.

Statistics Canada - Business enterprise in-house research and development characteristics Table 27-10-0341-01. See also Provincial estimates of research and development expenditures in the higher education sector, Table 27-10-0025-01, Federal personnel engaged in science and technological activities Table: 27-10-0029-01, and Personnel engaged in research and development by performing sector and occupational category Table: 27-10-0022-01.

National Science Foundation - Look for the Science and Engineering indicators. - Funding forecast for 40 countries, with discussion on industry sectors.

Global Competitiveness Report - Company Spending on R&D and more. Coverage in paper back to 1996.

IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook - Business Expenditure on R&D % and more. - Coverage in paper back to 1989.

OECD STI Scoreboard
- Published bi-annually. See also OECD.Stat.

World Bank - World Development Indicators (WDI) gives R&D Expenditure as a % of GDP as well as Researchers and Technicians in R&D per million people.

UNdata - Look in the UIS Data Centre for Science and Technology indicators.


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