How can I find a list of companies that have defaulted on their bond payments?

Use the Bloomberg Fixed Income search function. Enter the code SRCH  and enter "is defaulted" in the search field.

Use Capital IQ (in the Business Library)

There are a few ways to go about this:
The first is to click fixed income securities summary from the left links when searching for a company.  If there is a D in their rating, they have defaulted. 

The second is to look at their key developments in the left links and search for debt defaults.

Finally you can screen
Hover over screening and select companies,
Then go down the second column to key developments and choose type, then select debt defaults and choose your time frame, then add criteria.
In that same column scroll down to list management, and then select add companies
Type in the name of your company, add it to the selected items list, then click add criteria.
If there are any results, you can click view results and it will show you the developments associated with the default.

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