Can I borrow materials from the ARCC facility?

The ARCC facility holds many types of materials, so it depends on which type of material you need. Some materials can be borrowed and others must remain in the Reading Room. 

Materials that may be borrowed or delivered digitally:

  • Low and medium use books can be requested for delivery to pick up locations in Western Libraries through the Shared Library catalogue. You will need a valid University ID to make a request from the catalogue.

  • Articles from serials (i.e. journals and magazines) that are in storage may be requested through Digital Delivery. A PDF version of the article will be delivered to your computer desktop. Request Digital Delivery through the serial's record in the catalogue. 

Visitors' access to low and medium use materials:

  • ​Storage materials (labelled in the catalogue as STORAGE-Use "Use Request Item" or STORAGE-Library Use Only) can be requested by visitors for use within the library, through the assistance of staff at the circulation desks of the 6 Western Libraries.

Materials that may not be borrowed: 

  • Archival material must be used in the Reading Room.

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