What should I expect during my visit to the Reading Room?

Our Reading Room guidelines are designed to ensure the preservation of Western Archives's unique and valuable materials. If lost or damaged, they cannot be easily replaced.

Arrival procedure and outside materials:

  • Upon entry, please register at the reading room desk. You will be given instruction in the use and handling of collection material.
  • No food or drinks (including bottled water) permitted in the Western Archives.
  • Coats are to be hung in the closet.
  • Only personal books and papers needed for research may be taken to the study tables; place briefcases, backpacks etc. in the lockers provided.
  • Set cell phones and pagers to vibrate mode; calls made or received must be conducted outside Western Archives.

Locating materials:

  • Self-serve materials can be found in the Reading Room and include books and periodicals, atlases, and London City Directories.
  • Archival and manuscript holdings are held in closed stacks and are retrieved by staff three times daily.
  • Material is non-circulating and cannot leave the room.
  • Selected materials are available via Interlibrary Loans.
  • Book and Periodical holdings are available in the Library Catalogue.

Handling and using materials:

  • Only pencils or a laptop computer/PDA may be used when taking notes.No marks of any kind may be added to or erased from research materials. Do not rest on, write over, or trace any materials. Careless patrons may have materials withdrawn or withheld.
  • Please notify staff when finished using materials and leave materials on the desks for staff to re-shelve. Let the reference desk staff know if you are returning to use the materials.
  • The exact order and arrangement of materials must be maintained. If any mistake is discovered, report it to a staff member. Please do not re-arrange materials yourself.
  • Restrictions may apply to copying materials (i.e., photocopying and using digital cameras and scanners). Please consult staff for details.
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