When I copy and paste abstracts into the Submit form, some formatted text reverts to plain text. What's going on?

When copying abstracts from a word processing file or a PDF file, and pasting the text into the submission form, you are taking text from an environment that supports fonts and text style changes. Because the abstract is intended to be presented on the web, text styles must be specified using HTML codes.

If submitting an abstract in HTML format, please be sure to select the corresponding option on the submission form.

The following HTML tags are recognized by the system and may be used to format an abstract (use lowercase tags):

<p> - paragraph

<p>This is the first paragraph.</p>

This is the first paragraph.

<p>This is the second paragraph.</p>

This is the second paragraph.

<br /> - line break

<p>This is a line of text with a linebreak here. <br />
This is text after</p>

This is a line of text with a linebreak here.
This is text after

<strong> - strong/bold

<strong>bold text</strong>

bold text

<em> - italics/emphasis

<em>italicized text</em>

italicized text

<sub> - subscript

Text with <sub>subscript</sub>

Text with subscript

<sup> - superscript

Text with <sup>superscript</sup>

Text with superscript

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