What do the location/ loan period codes in the Shared Library Catalogue mean?

8 location codes are associated with the ARCC and Storage in the Shared Library Catalogue.

Location Code Description
STORAGE "USE REQUEST" Location codes for low and medium use library materials located in at the ARCC, RDL, or off-campus storage facility. These items are retrieved through the Shared Library Catalogue for delivery to pick up locations throughout Western Libraries. Materials with these descriptions may not be requested through the Reading Room. To access these items, press the "Request Item" button in the catalogue and enter name, University ID and pick up location. Get more information.
ARCC specol NO Loan Location codes for material found in closed stacks. To access these items either call: 519-661-4046, send an email to Western Archives, or come to the Reading Room in person and request that the item be retrieved. Plan ahead as these items take at least 2 hours to retrieve. Get more information.
ARCC specol ovr NO LOAN
ARCC archives NO LOAN
ARCC rdg rm ref NO LOAN Location codes for material found in the ARCC Reading Room. These materials can be used only in the Reading Room during the hours of opening.
ARCC rdg rm ovr NO Loan
ARCC Delivery 3Day Loan These are compact discs stored in the ARCC high density facility, which were donated by Sony BMG Canada. Due to the nature of the materials, these items can be requested through the Library Catalogue but only to the Music Library.
ARCC Music-Lib Use Only These materials are part of the Music Library's special collection that is currently housed in the ARCC. They include rare scores, archival material, and photographs. Due to the nature of this material, these materials can only be requested by contacting a member of the Music Library Staff. Get more information.
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