How much of the collection was moved to off-site storage to prepare for renovations to Weldon Library?

The majority of the collection remains in Weldon Library. Lower-use material accounts for approximately 30 per cent of our collection and was moved to off-site storage in the summer of 2019. 80 percent of the lower-use material was sent to Command Services storage in London, Ontario. The remaining 20 per cent of lower-use material was sent to Keep@Downsview. All materials in storage remain a part of the Western Libraries collection, are discoverable through the catalogue, and can be retrieved upon request.

Recognizing the importance of the print record to Arts & Humanities, the majority of material identified for transfer to storage from the call number ranges associated with disciplines in the arts and humanities were moved to the local London-based Command Services storage facility. In addition, items identified as part of the Barnett collection were set aside for the Special Collections Librarian to review. Going forward, this means that, working with our Collections & Content Strategies and Special Collections librarians, select materials may be recalled from Command Services and housed on-campus. We will continue working with faculty to make sure the processes we have in place for managing our collections preserves historical, rare material appropriately.

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