Where does Western Libraries store materials if they are not in a library?

Western Libraries uses two off-site storage facilities:

Command Services is a third-party storage solution located off-campus in London that houses low-use material transferred out of the general collection due to changing access requirements. Material sent to Command Services may be recalled into the on-site collection if Collections & Content Strategies librarians determine that need for the material has changed.

Keep@Downsview is a shared preservation collection and facility in partnership with the University of Toronto, Queen's University, McMaster University, and the University of Ottawa. This shared preservation collection consists of lower-use print materials and does not include archival collections, media collections or rare books. All partners have access to all items in the shared preservation collection in print or digital format. Western retains ownership of materials sent to Downsview. When an exact copy has already been added to the collection by a partner school, Western shares ownership of that title and Western's copy is not sent to the facility.

This new partnership allows for long-term stewardship and preservation of scholarly collections and creates exciting new opportunities for the development of services and delivery options to improve access to collections, including on-demand digitization and electronic delivery services for journals currently only available in print. We are continuing to develop and revise our processes to identify material that is appropriate for storing at Downsview.

For more information about how Keep@Downsview might affect you, please see our Keep@Downsview Frequently Asked Questions.

Campus storage:

Archives and Research Collections Centre (ARCC) - Located within Weldon Library, ARCC includes the High Density Storage Module, rare book room, and the reading room. It houses Archival collections, Special Collections, University records, and, low- or medium-use general collection library items identified for storage and for which there is a rationale for close proximity to the general collection.

Storage locations are listed simply as "storage" in the catalogue and material can be requested using the catalogue request button. On average, it takes 2-4 days for material to arrive at a pick-up location. All materials in storage remain a part of the Western Libraries collection and are discoverable through the catalogue.

For more information, please see Library Materials in Storage.

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