How is Western's OA policy related to the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy? By complying with one, do I comply with the other?

Western's OA policy complements the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy, which requires that peer-reviewed journal articles from Agency-funded research be deposited in an institutional or disciplinary repository and made openly available within 12 months of publication. To comply with the Tri-Agency policy, authors can publish open access in a journal or deposit their final, peer-reviewed manuscript into an institutional or disciplinary repository that will make the manuscript freely accessible within 12 months of publication. 

Western scholars who comply with the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy would at the same time be complying with the Western policy.

However, you can also comply with Western’s OA policy by sharing an open access pre-print copy of a scholarly work, but sharing a pre-print version does not comply with the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy.

For more information, see What do “pre-print” and “post-print” mean in scholarly publishing?, How do I comply with Western’s OA policy? and What version of a publication should I make open access under Western’s OA policy

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